Quality, durability and local collaboration.

Agore Properties wants to keep cities as lively shopping and meeting places and to grow the hearts of cities. The company strives to provide lively city centres and inspiring work environments through modern and functional retail and office spaces.

Quality – each of Agore’s properties is unique, modern, functional, and well suited to its purpose. All retail and office spaces fulfil the stringent Agore standards.

Durability – Modern and functional facilities withstand the test of time and life’s wear and tear, in addition to which Agore focuses on long-term partnerships. Long-term cooperation is developed by listening to tenants and embracing local expertise and presence. The Agore standards guarantee that each and every facility is durable and sustainable.

Local collaboration – Agore wants to offer attractive meeting places for the residents of its target cities. This requires local knowledge of the cities and an understanding of the local aspirations in these unique cities.


Agore is owned by three highly solvent companies: Mutual Pension Insurance Company Elo, the Swedish National Pension Fund Första Ap-fonden, and Trevian Asset Management Oy.

The values of each of the three owners include responsible investment activities, solvency and cost-effectiveness, all of which are also reflected in the operations of Agore Properties. The development of the value of investment properties is at the heart of the operations, along with the tenants’ wellbeing.

The company’s operations are managed by Trevian Asset Management, whose multiple offices around Finland enable local and proactive property management. The most important management guideline is locality and presence.

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Agore is a locally active operator that attends to and strives to improve the hearts of growing Finnish cities: cities need attractive meeting places for their residents.

Anni Tenhunen
Portfolio Manager
+358 40 725 6005

Jussi Raitaniemi
Business Director, Partner
+358 50 343 8275

Erkka Enomaa
Head of Retail Leasing
+358 50 514 8102

Kiia Hynnä
Retail Consept & Leasing Manager
+358 50 326 1570

Janne Toikka (Tullintori, Kolmikulma)
Asset Manager
+358 50 587 0050

Sari Mustapää (Galleria, Lanterna, Aapeli)
Shopping Centre Manager
+358 40 822 5488

Jussi Mattila (Oulu Kirkkokatu, Oulu Kallisenperä, Chydenia)
Asset Manager
+358 50 307 5245

Tiia Huikuri (Revontuli)
Shopping Centre Manager
+358 44 989 6643