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Agore invests in Finland’s largest growth cities, especially outside the Helsinki metropolitan area, and develops the best shopping centres and office spaces in urban centres.

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About us

Established in 2017, Agore Properties is a fully Nordic-owned real estate investment company. Agore’s portfolio currently includes properties in Finland, and its total value amounts to approximately EUR 200 million. Agore’s values are quality, durability and local collaboration, and the company wants its values to be reflected in each of its properties.

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Tenant Insights

“We have had an excellent time in Chydenia and our store is easily found by our customers. Chydenia has a wonderful location in terms of customer accessibility, as it is close to the train station, and those travelling by car may enjoy up to three hours of free parking. Cooperation with the shopping center management is great, and the shopping center is continuously being improved and directed towards a more comfortable and customer-friendly environment.” 

Satu Rantala | Normal

“Tullintori has excellent facilities that cater to the needs of the corporate health sector of Terveystalo. Our clients’ use of services is supported by the central location, accessible parking areas, and good public transportation connections. The excellent restaurant services at Tullintori support employee well-being and bring much-needed variety to everyday life. Cooperation with the shopping center’s associated partners works flawlessly, needs are met promptly, and we work together to improve the functionality and visibility of the premises.”

Tanja Tuomisto | Terveystalo

“Kolmikulma is located well concerning the growth area of Jyväskylä.The growth area of Kangas directs people and potential customers through Kolmikulma as they travel to the city center. S-Market Kolmikulma alone attracts at least 13 thousand customers weekly. The park renovations around Kolmikulma and the upcoming Puistolan Torni building are evidence of the investments being made for this growing neighborhood.” 

Paula Kortelainen, Market Manager | S-Market Kolmikulma 

“Our location here is absolutely prime. The largest customer flows have concentrated around these businesses in this city. “ 

Heikki Kieksi, Store Manager | DNA Store 

”Revontuli operates flexibly and responds rapidly when needed. Tenants are listened to when decisions are made. We are pioneers in shopping center development.“  

Heli Helenius, Store Manager | Suomalainen Kirjakauppa 

“Pleasant premises are important to us. We are very satisfied with our premises in Galleria.” 

Heikki Junni, Office Manager | Nordea Lappeenranta

“The facilities in Revontuli Center are well-suited for us. The central location is a particular advantage, allowing for smooth travel during the workday. The other services provided by Revontuli Center support our daily operations well – for example, postal and parking services. Cooperation with the property management has been flexible and responsive to our needs.” 

Leena Vuorela, Service Manager | If Vahinkovakuutus Oyj

“We have operated for over 20 years as entrepreneurs for Arnolds in Tullintori. Tullintori is a compact urban center where cooperation between entrepreneurs and shopping center management is almost daily, which makes Tullintori feel like home. Flexible opening hours allow for the easy operation of various businesses. Tullintori is in an excellent location, next to the Tamperetalo, Nokia Arena, and the university, not to mention large office buildings such as Technopolis and Tulli Business Park, as well as numerous hotels.

Jari and Virpi Haapanen, Entrepreneurs | Arnolds  

“We are happy with our premises in the Aapeli shopping center, as it is easily found by our customers. Above all, the three criteria – location, location, location – are more than fulfilled. After all, we are now in the World’s Navel, as centrally located as possible.

Tapani Väisänen, Entrepreneur | Specsavers  

“We thrive in Chydenia. The major virtues of Chydenia include the highly accessible central location right in the city center and a heated parking garage, which feels like a luxury in the winter. There is a good sense of community among the tenants and businesses. The tenant’s voices are heard, and their suggestions and feedback are well received.” 

Annukka Savolainen | Actilife 

“We are very pleased with the premises Aapeli has to offer. The premises are suitable for us and the central location alongside the Kuopio Market Square attracts foot traffic and potential customers. In addition, Trevian has always been ready to listen to our wishes and we have been able to come to an agreement in good spirits.”  

Paavo Hakkarainen, Retailer | Moda Kuopio 

Contact us

Agore is a locally active operator that attends to and strives to improve the hearts of growing Finnish cities: cities need attractive meeting places for their residents.

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Portfolio Manager
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Business Director, Partner
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Erkka Enomaa
Head of Retail Leasing
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Retail Consept & Leasing Manager
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Janne Toikka (Tullintori, Kolmikulma)
Asset Manager
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Sari Mustapää (Galleria, Lanterna, Aapeli)
Shopping Centre Manager
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Jussi Mattila (Oulu Kirkkokatu, Oulu Kallisenperä, Chydenia)
Asset Manager
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Tiia Huikuri (Revontuli)
Shopping Centre Manager
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