Reinventing the city centers

About us

Agore Real Estate is a locally owned Nordic real estate investment company established in 2017. Agore invests in major growing cities in Finland, and targets to develop the best retail and office locations in the hearts of the cities. Currently Agore’s portfolio includes properties in Finland with a total value of €160 million, and the company is actively seeking for new acquisitions to expand the portfolio to exceed €400 million. We focus on quality, sustainability and local cooperation to ensure the cities stay lively.


Agore principles

Agore is a locally active operator caring for, and targeting to improve the hearts of Finnish growing cities: The cities need attractive meeting points for their people. We seek to offer urban living rooms and comfortable working space through modern, suitable and functional retail and office premises that comply to high-quality and sustainable Agore standard. Each of our properties is unique. We listen to our tenants to establish development-oriented and long-term partnerships that are managed by competent team with local expertise and presence. At Agore, we think globally and act locally.



Agore is backed by strongly established owners – Finnish Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Swedish national pension fund Första AP-fonden, and Trevian Asset Management Oy. The operations are led by Trevian Asset Management, which in addition to Helsinki headquarters holds several offices around the country, enabling locally proactive care for the portfolio properties.



Related to Agore's lease administration and lease invoices, please contact our partner Colliers International:

Colliers International
Tel.  + 358 20 130 219

Jussi Raitaniemi Agore

Jussi Raitaniemi

Management of Agore

+358 50 343 8275

Location: Helsinki

Sami Juutinen

Secretary of the Board
Acquisitions and divestments

+358 40 484 7487

Location: Helsinki

Erkka Enomaa

Head of Retail Leasing
Management of Agore

+358 50 514 8102

Location: Helsinki

Helena Kangas

Leasing Manager
Leasing Coordination

+358 400 717 698

Location: Helsinki

Jussi Mattila

Asset Manager
Oulu Kirkkokatu, Oulu Kallisenperä

+358 50 307 5245

Location: Oulu

Merikukka Salmi, Agore

Merikukka Salmi

Shopping Center Manager
Head of Marketing Agore Kiinteistöt

+358 50 576 6728

Location: Tampere

Olli-Pekka Randelin

Asset Manager
Kouvola Manski

+358 44 022 5372

Location: Mikkeli

Joonas Hallman

Asset Manager
Aapeli, Kolmikulma, Joensuu Torikatu

+358 400 533 586

Location: Kuopio

Juha Jaakola

Technical Manager
Technical coordination, Northern Finland

+358 40 193 1073

Location: Oulu

Hannu Tamminen

Technical Manager
Technical coordination, Southern Finland

+358 44 230 6085

Location: Helsinki

Jaana Stranius

Real Estate Administrative Assistant

+358 50 420 1156

Location: Helsinki